ARABIC is the first language of over 250 million people, and the key to understanding a culture that has become increasingly important on the global scene.

If you are looking for a new challenge, you want to build cultural bridges, make new friends, or you want to conduct business in Morocco, study arabic marrakech is for you.  For all of these, language is the key. You will discover very quickly that people will respond to you with openness and friendship once they see that you are making an effort to learn their language. Within a few lessons you will be able to shop for groceries, ask basic questions about people’s lives, and barter for good prices in the markets.

For over 20 years we have been teaching both Darija (Moroccan Dialect Arabic) and Modern Standard Arabic (more universally used in the greater Arab world) to expatriates and organizing cultural activities for short-term visitors. We’ve developed a team and a variety of programs that have achieved excellent results. Our programs are taught by experienced Moroccan tutors who are skilled at explaining their language and culture.

We are often asked the question:  “Should I study Arabic or French, because everyone seems to address me in French anyway?”  Our answer is always the same.  While many Moroccans have a good understanding of French, and French is used a lot in the business and medical worlds for example, the heart language of our people is Darija (and of course Berber in the mountainous areas!).  Yes, French will help you with good basic communication, but Darija will help you become part of the community!

We work with two kinds of students. The first are groups and individuals visiting for a short time who would like to taste the culture, learn the language, and discover more about what it is like living in a country like Morocco. For these, we provide cultural learning experiences with MOROCCANS. Whether cooking traditional dishes, strolling through the local markets, or just sitting with new friends sipping hot mint tea, our clients learn first hand from the people. Alongside this, we offer a special introductory Arabic language program for people who would like to learn just enough to begin building friendships, or perhaps to bargain for prices.

The second group we work with are those who are planning on staying long term in Morocco . For this group we offer a long-term language program focused on conversation. The goal is for the student to be able to speak with people and make friends. We offer a step-by-step program that flows with the student’s ability to learn.   We also help guide the students on how to learn outside the classroom by practicing with native speakers. After a good foundation in the language is developed, we offer special courses tailored to the students’ particular needs. We are happy to say that we have seen great results from these programs.

We believe that we are among the very few specialists in teaching our specific dialect of Arabic, and as such there are very few reference texts or courses for the student to follow.  For this reason, over our 15 years of experience, we have actually created our own curriculum and text-books, including our recently published ‘Moroccan Dialect Verbs’ that gives the student a comprehensive overview of conjugation verbs in Darija


We also offer a course in Beginners / Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic.  This is targeted to those who wish to learn to communicate in the Arabic language that is common to the whole of the Arab world.  It may not be spoken on the streets in Morocco, but the majority of Moroccans will have a good understanding of it, and unlike Moroccan Darija, will be understood anywhere in the Arab-speaking world.  In  our experience, in many places Modern Standard, or Classical Arabic is taught in a very academic manor, but instead we teach a foundation of good communication using the same program we follow for Moroccan Darija.

The course timetable is adapted to the schedule of the student, and the school is easily accessible, located not far from the centre of Marrakech, in close proximity to major bus routes.