What will you learn in the first week?

Lesson 1: You’ll be able to use and answer common greetings
Lesson 2: You’ll be able to ask and answer ‘Where are you from?’ and ‘What is your name?

Lesson 3: You’ll be able to talk about nationality, marital status and religion

Lesson 4: You’ll be able to begin counting, talk about your family and ask ‘What is that in Arabic?

Lesson 5: You’ll learn vocabulary about food and be able to buy groceries at the market

We offer two basic programmes – short term and long term:

Short term

Perhaps you are considering coming to Morocco on holiday. You would really like to learn a little bit about the culture or just be able to communicate enough to make your visit easier. We have a course designed to quickly teach you the basics of greetings, getting around in a taxi, and bartering at the market. This course can be from just a one-off class, or up to a month.  We are happy to teach both individuals and groups, and for groups of 6 or more, we can arrange to come and teach you in your hotel or riad if there is an appropriate meeting room that you can be given the use of.

Long Long term

If you are looking to live and work in Morocco, then learning Morrocan Arabic is essential.  We have a program that can last from a month to two years depending on your desired level of fluency, and speed of learning. In this class you can learn all the basics of language like conjugating verbs, forming sentences, and how to communicate like a local. But you will also gain a lot of insight into the culture and worldview of Moroccans. Our teachers are skilled at explaining the culture and customs that you will come across in everyday life.

For the more adventurous holiday-maker, we also offer cultural programs:


Minimum group size 2 persons.

9am – 10.30am: Introduction to Moroccan Arabic and Moroccan Culture

11:00 Visit to the local souk to shop for ingredients to make your lunch

12.00: Alongside your local hosts, make your very own tagine lunch!

1.30: Enjoy the lunch you have prepared with your Moroccan hosts!

3.00: Fresh Orange Juice in Djema El Fna Square – see the acrobats, monkey trainers, dancers, fortune tellers, snake charmers, local dentist and much more!

4.00: Guided coachie ride around the old Medina.

5.30: Coffee on the rooftop overlooking the square.

6:00: Finish in the square, so time to go and do some shopping!!!



Minimum group size: 3 persons

Visitors will be split into groups of 2-4 and assigned a Moroccans family to live with in different parts of the city.

Day 1: – Arabic and culture lesson: Introductions, how and why do we greet one another.

-Learning the art of Moroccan cooking: tagine – the core of Moroccan cooking

– Shopping in the souk with locals – a chance to practice introducing yourself and experience the buzz of the local markets.

Day 2: – Arabic and culture lesson: Counting and shopping

– Learning the art of Moroccan cooking: Couscous – a family dish for a family gathering

– Visit to Djema El Fna for fresh orange juice, Carriage ride around the old Medina, finishing with coffee on the rooftops at sunset. (Some free time to shop in Djema El Fna and see if you can get any bargains by using your new phrases!)

Day 3: MOUNTAIN DAY OUT – easy trek in the High Atlas Mountains to see some beautiful scenery and experience some of how the Berber mountain people live.

Day 4: – Arabic and culture lesson: Talking about yourself and your family, understanding the role of the family in Moroccan culture.

– Lunch with your Moroccan family

– Learning how to prepare mint tea!

– Outing with the local family members to a local hamam (public baths)

Day 5: – Arabic and culture lesson: In the cafe – the place of the coffee shop in Moroccan culture!

– Visit the local coffee shop and use your new vocabulary!

NB – If a group would like to extend their trip by a day, or would like to exchange one city day for a 2-day rural excursion, we have a wonderful

2-day trip in the countryside about 2 hours drive from Marrakech. The program would include driving through breath-taking scenery, potential for swimming and water-sports on a remote lake (weather-permitting), visit local rural / mountain Berber families for a traditional countryside meals, and a visit to Morocco’s most stunning waterfalls (Ouzoud) with a picnic Tagine lunch at the base of the waterfalls.

*Exact program will be confirmed depending on arrival and departure times / specific needs of the group / special requests etc. Programs can be designed bespoke depending on each individual group’s specific requirements.